Domestic Violence and Abuse~Inform yourself~Part Three

Inform yourself. Most abusers will make empty promises to stop the battering if threatened with exposure. Later he will plead forgiveness with a guarantee to change. Instead he will continue to control while resuming verbal and physical assaults. He now believes he’s home free as you have never followed through on any one threat to leave the relationship.

But once forgiven, he quickly forgets his promise to stop the abuse as he now realizes you’re not going anywhere. Some abusers will continue their pattern of control, violence, and abusive actions even after the completion of many counseling sessions. Getting help does not guarantee a partner will change.

At this point it may be time to make a more permanent decision. Do you want to continue living in an explosive situation, or is it time to get out?

Also key is to understand that violence does affect children. But it’s inappropriate to risk your life and their future just to save your marriage.  If abuse is rampant, even more essential is the need for safety. Don’t allow fear of the unknown to keep you, and your children, in harm’s way.

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