A Violent Society Part Two

Violence is accepted in every society. Domestic violence and abuse is accepted in every culture of the world—even expected. Even in our own country, murder, rape, and abuse statistics are staggering.

Recently, well-known figures have dominated the news media  Surveillance cameras have also captured many episodes that expose a victim’s truth to the world.

Domestic violence is not an isolated issue; although women and children in this environment always feel isolated. And although we often equate victims as women; children are also victims. In a recent story, a South Carolina man killed his five children at the same time.

There are also times when women abuse and kill; although men are predominantly the abuser.
But now is the time to step up the plate, and expose the actions of abusers, violators, rapists, and dictators to the world; and pray that the world will understand that abuse in any capacity is never acceptable behavior.

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